Tubemate App – Is It Worth using?

By | October 7, 2020
tubemate app

Do you want an easy app where you can upload videos to youtube, download videos and songs? Then you should try Tubemate app. Tubemate app for Android lets users upload videos from YouTube into their phone via an internet connection. The latest version, available for free on Google Play, also allows users to directly share the videos from their phone to another application such as YouTube, Facebook, Viber, Skype and many others. You can also download it directly from web site pin download.

A Video Sharing App

Tubemate is a mobile video sharing app that allows users to share videos with their friends, families and colleagues without having to worry about their photos not being viewable in some cases.

Simple To Use

The Tubemate application is simple to use and there are no complicated settings to configure. Users just need to set up their username and password that will be emailed to them after signing up. Users can select videos that they want to upload, select their preferred video format, upload, choose the duration of the video and click the ‘Share’ button which will allow them to send their favorite videos to their friends. A list of your chosen contacts will be displayed.

Social Sharing

Users can send videos through text, email, MMS, or both. Once uploaded, videos are available for viewing by all users, even if they do not have access to a smartphone or a tablet. Tubemate also allows users to upload the videos in the mp3 format which makes it easier for text-based audio listening experience.

Users can also share their favorite videos using different sharing methods like SMS and Bluetooth. Users can choose a preferred method for sharing the videos.

Different Uploading Options

Tubemate provides users with different options for uploading videos. Users can choose to upload the videos to their personal videos or group videos and upload the videos from their smartphone, tablet or their desktop computer. Users can also choose to upload videos on YouTube.

Gadget Convenient

Users can upload videos from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The app enables users to browse the latest videos and choose those that are appropriate for their needs and preferences. The app allows them to select from a variety of categories such as kids’ videos, nature videos, celebrity videos and funny videos.

Users can also search videos which interest them. When a video is selected, it is automatically saved to the users’ device. Users can easily share the video with their friends and family members. They can also view their videos with the other users in the same room or on Facebook, YouTube, Viber or Skype.

Direct Uploads

Users can share videos which they like with the app by using the ‘Share’ option. Other users can see these videos and add the videos to their favorites and share them with their friends. They can also view other users’ videos and add them to their favorites. Users can even share the videos from their social networks.

Users can upload videos to the Tubemate app directly. They can use the ‘Upload’ option from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. When users upload videos, the app automatically saves the video to their device. When users view the video on the other users’ devices, the app automatically displays the name of the video on the user’s list of favorites and the date and time the video was uploaded.

Editing Options

Users can also add photos and text to their videos. The app includes a photo viewer, where users can upload their favorite photos directly from their smartphone’s, tablets and their desktop computers. Users can upload photos to the app directly through the ‘Add Photos’ option on the app. They can also upload text messages and emails directly to their users.


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